Gamma Labs

Gamma Labs have built up a brand over the last few years that dominated the market of sports nutrition. From mastering products used for sports persons training, Gamma Labs decided to branch out to e-sports. The product really can’t be more spot on and is now used by gamers all over the world. GFuel is a powder formula that contains energy, energy and more energy.

No Bull. Just Energy.

The main thing that makes their formula stand out is that it does not contain any sugar and provides much healthier energy source. The main energy source comes from caffeine, which helps with your concentration and focus during game play. It is a much better alternative to energy boosters, such as Red Bull, because of this. Also, because of the ingredient make up, there are no crashing side effects or jittery effects like that you get with sugar based ones.

A Flavour for Everyone

G-Fuel comes in many flavours, each gamer will of course have their own preference but we’ve found Fazeberry and Mystery to be very popular. The best way to test what flavour is for you is to check out our sample sticks, which allow you to try any of the flavours for a small price. Once you’ve chosen what flavour is for you, you’re next move would be to go on to a box size which will give you 20 servings or if you’re loving the product then the tub size will be the best value for money for you, giving you 40 servings.

To compliment these products we have the official shaker cups, these comes in different colours which are again to each gamers personal preference.

Gamma Labs G fuel is used by e-sports professionals and the main people known for using this product is Faze clan. They claim it plays a large part in their success within the gaming industry. The recommended dosage for this product is a maximum of 3 sachets per day. The average would be just one sachet each time you want to stay focused during extended game play (one a day).