Welcome to our collection of GT Omega racing chairs. This brand is renowned globally now in the world of e-sports. They’ve spent a few years experimenting with different models of chairs and it now seems the four types offered are perfect in their own way. These chairs are perfect for office use but are predominantly used for gamers in their homes or at professional gaming events. Some of you may ask what is a gaming chair and why would I want one, Well, These chairs are made for gamers because of their look, material and most importantly comfort level. The neck and lumbar support help provide even more comfort for the user.

These chairs are broke down into four categories. Pro chairs being the “starter” chair of the range, don’t be fooled by its cheap price it’s actually the most popular type of GT Omega chair. The lower price tag attracts gamers knowing they’ll still get amazing comfort levels to support extended sessions. The Evo chair is the next chair up in the range, you can get the standard Evo chair or a chair from the EVO XL range, the only difference being the “XL” chair is slightly bigger for increased comfort. This type of chair has a more modern design that some gamers may prefer over than the other chair types. The Master XL chair is the daddy of the GT omega chair range, they supply the upmost comfort and the design speaks for itself, check out the range.

So everyone has their own preference may it be the design, colour or maybe even the price of the chair. One of the other differences in the chairs is the material. Each chair will either be made of fabric or leather. Both being high quality materials that last for a very long time and just what you really expect when paying for a premium gaming chair. The chairs are offered in a wide range of colours, some gamers prefer a black, white or grey chair where as some gamers want vibrant colour, GT Omega offer colours as such as blue, green orange and many more.

For those who are maybe worried that they cant setup the chair, not that clued up about their DIY, these chairs couldn’t be more simple to setup. The bolts are pre threaded, its as simple as clipping the parts together and the use of a Phillips screwdriver. The estimated time for setting up one of these chairs is about 20-25 minutes.